How to Get Great Deals From the Amazon Website

Online purchasing, once non-existent, has exploded in the past decade. Recent studies estimate that 8 out of 10 individuals in their fourth and fifth decades of life buy products online. The number are also impressive for individuals in their sixth decade of life with 7 out of 10 using e-commerce websites while almost 70% of adults aged 18-30 also regularly use e-commerce websites.

These statistics are not only a clear indication of the growth of online shopping but also of the benefits of buying online. Giant retailers such as Amazon have not only oversimplified the process of buying online but have led to a dramatic drop in the prices.

If you have ever browsed the Amazon website, and the chances are you have, then you must have noticed the great offers that are offered in practically every item. The discounts usually vary depending on the category where the product belongs or even the time of the year and individual availability of the merchandise.

So even though has a head start compared to offline retailers in terms of pricing there is still room for much better discounts. How is that possible? With the use of amazon promo codes and promotional codes. And I will describe here how to obtain the best prices for the products you love without spending time with coupon sites that are full of expired coupons and limited discounts that never get to work.

Every time you visit the Amazon website and look for a specific product make sure there is not a similar item offered as a deal. If the item you want to order is already discounted or part of an offer, chances are you will be able to redeem that offer without the use of a amazon coupon or online amazon code. This is because Amazon always refers to this item as “deal” or “discount offer” from within the same page.

Sometimes though you might be able to search for similar items offered either from Amazon or even other vendors that have the same functionality or are plain generic and not brand named products. Believe me they usually work the same way and unless you have a specific reason to buy the brand name product you should seriously consider going for the generic.

How do you find those items? Every time you open a product page make sure you check the “People who bought that also bought” and “Similar items” sections at the bottom of the webpage. These sections usually allow you to compare the prices of similar products and at the same time read the reviews of other customers.

Additionally, make sure you look for the dedicated “Deals of the Day” and “Amazon Warehouse” pages. Some of those items you might want to order anyway. The Amazon Warehouse page includes several items that are either used or refurbished at heavily discounted prices. Most online shoppers are not aware of these offers.

Finally, make sure you always check for the “Used Items” section. Sometimes the items there can be heavily discounted. I still remember the time I bought one of my favorite reference books, normally priced at $180 through the publisher, for only $10 through Amazon. I really could not believe my eyes! And the best part of this is that it was a brand new book offered by a third party retailer.

Good luck and make sure you don’t miss out on those discounts!