Savings for Yourself, Blessings for Others


1) What is Amazon?

Amazon really started out as an online bookstore. But today Amazon boasts of being the USA’s largest online retailer, and is actually your go-to online store for your every imaginable (and perhaps even unimaginable) need.


2) Is there a way to save while shopping at Amazon?

Sure enough, there really are saving tips for your online shopping sessions at Amazon. It might interest you to know: Amazon also offers discount coupons.


3) How can one find these coupons?

You simply have to go to the Amazon website, and look for the heading that says ‘Today’s Deals.’ Under that, you’ll see ‘Coupons’. Shop away, using these coupons.


4) Are the first search results always the best ones?

Here’s a fact for you: the first serch results are almost always the most expensive. Thus, instead of jumping the gun and buying those items, try looking at the products under ‘people who bought this also bought’, because most likely those people who have shopped before you were also looking for ways to save.


5) What is the Amazon Trade-in?

This is Amazon’s buy-back program. Very few people know about it and so very few people make the most out of it. This is good for those people who have old Amazon orders, with Amazon telling you how much they’re worth.


6) Is it really better to shop online than to shop in person?

In the end, there is no final judgment for this, except the one that you make for yourself. If you’re someone who puts premium on convenience and value for money, then online shopping is really the way to go.


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